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Small apartment to quickly create a modern living room

2020-01-18 09:24:40

There is a classic and outdated decoration style. It is a product of contemporary society. It is very suitable for small units with limited space. It is the “modern minimalist style”. Modern minimalist style advocates the concept of “less is more”, which is a decoration style that is both practical and simple. The “simple” mentioned here is not the same as simple, but a “complex” design.

The living room, as an important place for hospitality in a house, reflects the taste of the owner. In the limited space of the small apartment living room, if you want to fully reflect the modern minimalist style, you must learn to replace the bulky, large and gorgeous home improvement items with some light, small and practical home improvement items. Let ’s take a look at the small apartment with the editor Quickly create the good things you need in a modern living room.

The living room of a small apartment is very limited. As a large piece of furniture, you must choose a small size as much as possible without wasting too much space. This small fabric sofa is made of fiber-lined imitation fabric, with a comfortable seat bag and classic streamlined armrests for a comfortable sitting. The light beige color can brighten the light in the living room without appearing crowded. The sofa is not only sedentary, it can also be turned into a bed, which is more convenient.

If there are frequent guests at home, or there are many members in the family, you can also consider placing this single sofa in the living room. Black matte hardware frame is sturdy and durable. Add high-quality ash wood panels to the armrests to increase sitting comfort. Ergonomic soft seat bag and cushion give your body the ultimate comfort.

The living room of a small apartment, with the blessing of the carpet, will instantly become alive. Therefore, you may choose a modern minimalist style rug. The classic gray is not easy to be out of date. The gray and white geometric design can not only increase the sense of visual space, but also create a quiet visual effect. The soft blanket does not hurt the floor and skin, and it is easy to store and worry-free.

The space in the living room is limited, and light can be used to increase the light transmission pole. Small apartment living room can use simple lamp to increase indoor light and expand the visual effect of the living room. This floor lamp uses a milky white glass lampshade, which is slightly more comfortable with warm light. The combination of wrought iron and marble materials is durable, simple and timeless, adding a warm living atmosphere to the living room.

The modern minimalist living room must have the blessing of green plants. The simple and monotonous living room has a large green plant decoration, which instantly becomes bright. This green planter pot is made of cement. The simple and simple material is more modern. With green plants, it brings vitality to life and is a rare decoration.